When it comes to dental benefit plans, many Albertans are ringing in the New Year leaving benefits on the table.  Research shows under 5% of families with medical and dental benefits max them out each year.

Don’t let your hard-earned dental dollars go to waste!  Below is some info to help you make informed choices:

Dental Benefit Plans

Many people with dental benefits get them through their employers, and individual plans are also available to entrepreneurs through other service providers.

When You Need to Use Them By:

Many insurance companies have a benefit deadline of December 31, and this means that any of your unused benefits will not roll over into the New Year for most dental plans.

Some plans may end at different times of the year, so check your plan or ask your employer to be sure!

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Benefits:

1. Make a Plan

Talk to us about what your dental needs are and what treatment you might need before the end of the year.

2. Regular Check-Ups!

Prevention is better for both your health and your pocketbook.  Regular cleanings are essential to good oral health.

3. Prolonging Dental Problems Can Cost More
Remember that neglecting or delaying certain dental treatments can lead to more extensive, and costly, future dental treatment. A lingering cavity today can turn into a root canal or, even worse, the loss of a tooth down the road. Stay on top of your oral hygiene care now, particularly if you have dental benefits, will help keep your teeth healthy and also keep your future costs down.


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