Same Day CAD/CAM Crowns

During the CAD (computer-aided design) part of the patient’s visit, a scanner scans the teeth and the computer analyzes the tooth to be crowned and surrounding teeth and designs an appropriately sized and shaped crown, under the direction of the dentist. Once the dentist is satisfied with the design, he sends the three-dimensional image to a special milling machine, the Roland, that sculpts an exact model of the crown. The mill constructs the crown through the use of CAM (computer-aided milling).

There are a variety of advantages to Roland crowns. Time-consuming molds created in an off-site lab, are no longer necessary for a majority of crown cases. The need to wear a temporary crown is eliminated because the permanent Roland crown is created, crafted and fitted in just one visit, thus saving time and stress.

Roland Dental Crowns, Calgary Dentist

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